KIKAKUYA’S Various Language Home Page   

~More Classical~

A specialized Kabuki dance team! We are aiming to be able to perform traditional Japanese culture and performing arts that can only be seen in the theater.  Active professional performers who have inherited Japanese culture and entertainment will visit you to entertain!


~Kikakuya’s Characteristics~
(Why Kikakuya is chosen?)

1) Providing a wide range of content including professional performers, Japanese instrument players, a stage setting and props, programs and more with our own network. 

2) Professional group! We will also respond to sudden situations.

3) From Japan to overseas, a high rate of returning performances with solid trust and achievements 

4) Proposal of program within budget and service of +α

5) Multiple events per day all year round 

6) Long-term performances are also possible

7) Ready to go and offering services from choreography instruction to back dancers for your performers and more

8) Not only at venues, but also outdoors, parades, performing while eating

9) Focusing on educational institutions, offering opportunities of experiences and showing students our performance

10) Pioneering new developments in various genres yet keeping the status of traditional culture and performing arts











Full of authentic performances of Japanese culture!  We propose things that match the event and themes with performances that have good results all over the world.

~We have a lot of contents to entertain you ~


Spectacular performances


A good harvest of five grains, praying for World Peace

A Japanese courtesan dance.


From the outside to the inside of the shop, we parade in kabuki costumes.

A performance with great physical abilities and inherited techniques

A powerful sword performance

Japanese musical instrument
We play traditional Japanese musical instruments

Sage equipment, props

Props and stage equipment used in real theaters are available from small scale to large scale.  They can also be used in variety of situations.

Tsugaru shamisen, Japanese drums, koto, Japanese flute, etc. are also made to accomplish traditional Japanese performing arts as entertainment.

~Too late to plan it?!~

Don’t give up!
We also respond to events with sudden appointments.
There is attractive content even with your budget, so please consult us! 

(Depending on the performer’s schedule one day in advance or the day.)

Live events


Promotion videos

Sporting events 

International conferences 


Internal celebrations 

School performances

Every kind of party 

Various party banquets

New Year’s events, Countdown events


Reception of Foreigners 

And some more...

Which role do you expect for Kikakuya?

Enjoy traditional performing arts, which is Kikakuya’s main business.

Adopting new entertainment, appearing in a supporting role instead of the leading role on the stage.

Workshop and guidance, shooting in TV, articles, PV, etc. Workshops-Experience of traditional costumes, wigs, and makeup (kumatori) used in workshops of Kabuki dance, experience Japanese musical instruments (Tsugaru shamisen, Japanese drums, koto), workshop where children and adults can experience Japanese culture

~Contact Flow of application for performances~ 

1. Inquiry

 “What we would like to ask you”A rough schedule(and if possible, the time zone)

The desired performance

(stage, parade, workshop, etc.) (Stage equipment, acoustics, etc.)

Performance venue 

Rough budget 

The name of the person in charge 

Contact information (company name, etc.) 


3. Candidates for performances

“Selecting performances”- Select a performance and the flow to some extent.

“Setting up the schedule”- Only for those who have not decided the schedule.

“Materials” Please ask if you need an explanation of Kikakuya the performance, etc.


5. Performance decision

Please let us know the date and time, the performance, the flow, etc. (as soon as the decision is made).

Please refer to Kikakuya’s cancellation policy for cancellations after agreements.

2. Information on the performances “Confirmation of the schedule”

“Performance proposal – Propose the performances that suit your budget and request.


4. Schedule adjustment

“Schedule”-Check a
nd report the schedule of performers “Flow”

Confirmation of the flow and terms of the day.

 (Our time schedule)

“Data” If you need a photo or video etc., we will send it electronically.


6. On the day of the performance

According to the schedule that we have discussed, we will complete the entire schedule from the time of entry to the end.
(Please let us know if there is a change on the day.)


7. Payment Transaction

Please pay the performance fee according to the contract.